Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Said I Had Lots to Share!

If I'm quiet here in blogland it's usually because there's loads going on in the real world.  That's definitely been the case this year.  Here are some more highlights!

Hubby, Little Man and I all took our first trip to Fort Sumter while we were visiting Charleston.  A beautiful ferry ride took us over, and on the way we enjoyed watching the dolphins playing.

See that big ol' bridge in the photo above? Yeah, that's the one I ran over!

During the trip over and back Little Man worked on the Junior Ranger booklet, learning answers along the way (with our help) so that when we got back to the center, he got a badge!  He's an official Junior Ranger!

Before we headed to PA we decorated our Easter eggs so they would be ready for the Easter bunny.  This year we went with Angry Birds...I drew faces, cut them out and then passed them through my sticker maker (except for the eyes...a good old hole puncher did the trick for them).

In PA, my Mom, Hubby and I had a great time taking Little Man and my nephew to the planetarium and museum.  It was so cute hearing the boys interpret art when I asked them what some of the pieces made them think of.

A special treat was the Andy Warhol exhibit...part of which was the the Mylar balloons interactive exhibit.  The museum had a fun scavenger hunt for the exhibit that we all worked together to find the answers to also.

We did our first family 5k (and Little Man's first 5k ever!) to benefit the Pawz Too Run charity.  Little Man struggled a bit for the last mile or so, it'll be a while before we do it again...but we all felt great when we finished!

Another first? I took the NC Concealed Weapons Class with two of my co-workers.  We had a blast....literally!!!

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It sure is never boring around your
place!! Love the post!
as always, Mom