Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Man and Mommy Time

When Hubby travels Little Man and I get to spend quality time together.  But it's always during the week so we're limited in what we can do.  But with all the work that had to be done at our other house we've had on the market to sell, Little Man and I have had some more opportunities in the last couple of months to do things together on the weekend too.

One of the first things we did together was go to a family yoga class.  The poses were named after animals, and while it took Little Man a while to quiet himself, he wants to go back! His favorite pose was the cheetah pose ;)

We had a great time another weekend when we went strawberry picking.  He was so excited to hear where I planned on taking him...and when we got out of the car and the air smelled like strawberries...well, I could barely get him to leave!  We had plenty of strawberry shortcake and waffles with strawberries and whipped cream...with the freshest, yummiest strawberries!

 What a great time we had that day! We followed our picking with lunch at Barnes and Noble, and then dropped our strawberries and some fresh lettuce we had picked off at home before heading to a movie.  That night? McDonald's for dinner and then a movie in the park that Hubby made it just in time for.  It really was a special day.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy these days with him while you can! Love,as always, Mom