Thursday, October 11, 2012

What A Visit!

I'm happy to carve out a few minutes to finish this post.  I've been working crazy hours and it's taken me several days to get this together.  I wanted to share all about the fabulous visit I had with my best friend.  We've known each other since 1993, when we were both exchange students in Germany.  We reconnected in 1995 when we were both in the Army and stationed at Fort Jackson.  You may remember her from a few years ago when I went to Vegas.  Well with the first house not selling (we've now had three contracts go bad) a trip to Vegas just wasn't happening this year, so she came to visit us.  She got to spend quality time with Little Man and Hubby, and she loved seeing all the green of North Carolina.

We started the trip with a relaxing evening of my spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce...with yummy wine of course.  We sat on the deck, enjoyed the air, and turned in at a decent time.

The next morning we got up, ate and headed for pedicures and lunch before heading to the Spa at Rock Barn.  We luxuriated in the outdoor hot tub, me sipping a smoothie while she enjoyed wine...both of us soaking in the air and beautiful view. We loved the sauna, waterfall pool and the massages.

We drove home (it took about 75 minutes to drive there), met the fellas at the house, and headed to dinner at one of our favorite places, Boudreaux's!!!!  We stuffed ourselves with mojitos and beyond fabulous Cajun food, then Hubby dropped us off at a neighborhood spot where we sipped drinks and relaxed some more (with very full bellies).

Saturday, we made breakfast, looked at photo albums, and then went to a pole fit class.  Yes, that's right, we spun our sassy selves around poles while wearing 6 inch heels!  We had a great time, then played with Little Man and hung out while Hubby went to a football game.  Mexican dinner and a movie followed, and, too soon, it was Sunday, our last full day together.

We went to Boudreaux's again for their fabulous brunch...and then headed to the National Whitewater Center.  

First we went kayaking...a first for all of us.  I went in the kayak with Little Man...I can't lie, it started out very frustrating.  He moved around a lot and I was nervous he'd tip us over.  But about half an hour in, we all relaxed and were able to enjoy the river and the scenery.

We even saw some turtles sunning on branches!

Afterwards we cooled off and enjoyed watching the whitewater rafters...we have to go back and do it...I've only done it once but it was a lot of fun.

Hubby and I waited in line with Little Man for quite a while to do the zip line, but I decided to sit with Tenasha once I realized how long the wait would be.  I'm glad I did...the guys really bonded, and I got some video of them zip lining together...the zip line is approximately 1300 ft long.  We were really impressed that Little Man wasn't scared.  I can't say the same, I was nervous for him.  He's wearing the orange helmet.

 After the zipline!

The rest of the day was eating some more with good wine and fabulous steaks, with crab stuffed mushroom appetizers.  We also recuperated.  The next day she and I had lunch at a local restaurant that's known for its Southern cooking, and then I sadly took her to the airport.  I so look forward to seeing her again!

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Sinéad said...

What a great weekend you had! It's really important to have some good girlfriend time :) That zip line looked really scary, no way would I do it!