Saturday, October 20, 2012

At long last...the BASEMENT!

Not all of the photos are pretty...but I've got photos of the basement to share!  We've been using the space for months now, and I'm happy to finally share the space (and Hubby's hard work) with you. 

Look back to where we started here.

See progress here

The drywall progress photos here.

And the painted walls here.

When we last left off in April (read about it here) we were waiting for carpeting and had dealt with expensive plumbing woes.

You can also easily see all the basement posts in order by clicking the basement tag at the bottom of this post, it will show you all the posts labeled basement.

We have some things to finish...but the space is getting plenty of use!

Let me take you on a tour!

From our kitchen, you go downstairs, at the bottom there's a landing and then a few more stairs.

Straight ahead is the craft room (everything wasn't put away when I took the photo, pardon the mess).

To the left is the hallway.  We'll be putting in a counter for a microwave and a mini-fridge.  We've got the deep freezer there now.

The craft room.

The bookcases in the craft room.

We made the half bath accessible from both the craft room and the office.

Looking into the office

Hubby's messy office

From the other office door you can see the main section of the basement. To the left is the hallway.  The first door you see above is where the HVAC unit goes.  The other 2 doors access storage space.

Hubby plans to build shelves for the DVDs in the media room area...until then they are waiting on the ledge.  The shelves will be flush with the lower section of the wall.  Didn't Hubby do a great job on the ceiling tiles? I helped ;)

You can see the office doorway, french doors and exercise area in this last photo.

So, what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

It looks huge! Lots of space for
lots of different activities. Hope
you all enjoy alot of times together down there in the future.
Good work by a very handy husband
and a very crafty chick!
As always,love, Mom