Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blu Jeans Done!

The Blu pattern from Knitty is one of those patterns I ran across early in my knitting life that quickly was added to my Ravelry queue.  It didn't matter I had no idea who I would knit them for, they were so stinkin' cute I knew I had to make them!  I'm not sure what compelled me to finally get around to making them, but, they're finished now.  At least, for the most part.  The pattern suggests measuring the child's waist for the best fit, so I left the ends of the elastic accessible to measure properly once they have found a recipient.

I'm not completely happy with how they came out, specifically the embroidery...and somehow, lying on the floor they just don't look that cute.  I guess they won't until a little person is in them.  Until the gift stack they go!

With the Blu jeans done, the ASPEN blanket displayed nicely on the couch and the 5-hour baby sweater finally finished, it's on to some new projects!  I'm hoping to finally finish our 2011 photo book via Snapfish (I love these as an alternative to bulkier photo they keep them backed-up in case anything were to happen to them) I can start the 2012 photo book!  Also I owe my brother a t-shirt, I have Rosamund's Cardigan to cast-on for and I still want to try my hand at steeking via a coffee cup cozy pattern designed just to learn how to steek.  What's steeking you ask? I'll swallow my knitting fears and show you all about it soon!

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