Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Craftiness!

Before I show you the knitting projects I've finished I have to share the random costume I whipped up last minute for Little Man to wear to school.  I found out on a Wednesday morning that Little Man needed a math or science costume for Thursday.  I went with a calculator.  In the fall we had to provide him with a pillowcase to take to school for a project, so I used the leftover one for the base.  I cut out the holes, and used my guillotine cutter to cut a bunch of squares from cardstock.  I used a Sharpie to draw on the "buttons" and then hot-glued them on.  It went over well the next day at school...his teacher especially loved it!  

I finally managed to finish the 5-hour baby sweater that has been sitting just waiting for an i-cord tie for months.  I got excited about working on other things and it fell to the wayside...I'm happy to finally be able to call it an FO (finished object)!

And, drumroll please, here is my finished ASPEN blanket!!  Designed by Go-Girl Knitting, it works up really fast on size 50 knitting needles.  I love the cables...and I came across the pattern at a perfect sofa really needed something to cover the signs of age :)

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