Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crazy Bleaching!

It was quite a while ago that I saw some t-shirts on Pinterest that I knew I had to try.  I loved the Superman spin and decided I'd make a Batman and Superman for my superhero loving brother.  It wasn't until recently that I actually got everything together and gave it a try.  Wow, was it trickier than it was made out to be.  I had wax paper but needed parchment paper, which was annoying when I just wanted to get right to it. I had already cut out the emblems with my cutter, then used them for templates to cut the paper...and tried to iron them on but it didn't work.  So AFTER I got the right paper and got the designs ironed on they still didn't provide the complete barrier that the instructions implied would happen...but that wasn't obvious until AFTER I sprayed the bleach with a spray bottle and I could see the bleach start bleeding together....until there was a great big orange bleach-stinky splotch right in the dang middle of the t-shirt...BOOO!  Yeah, that was a no-go. In fact I wound up bleaching the whole thing and I'll use that hot mess project when I'm gardening...or something.

The next attempt I used a paper towel and gently blotted bleach around the template that had been ironed last I had made a wearable one!  Hubby has very happily worn his t-shirt and has requested some other designs too.

I still want to make my brother a Batman t-shirt, but I only had the three shirts that I had bought on sale.  And I still wanted to try a different method with the I went straight for the Superman.  Using a bleach gel pen I ironed on the template and then used the pen...and this is what I, isn't it?

Just goes to show...Pinterest projects aren't always as simple as they look!


Anonymous said...

Yo..i just bought a hand held sewing machine and i cant figure it out..thanks alot trying to do three different projects with it, and cant..Le sigh


xonkman said...

I love the Batman shirt! So freaking cool! I want to try it, but I think I'm going to learn from your trials and on top of it use gel bleach for more control. One of the other bloggers had a recipe for gel bleach at

Thanks for the tips!