Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Slider Card

There are always tons of crafting techniques that I see and want to try to implement in a project.  One of those techniques has been slider elements.  Recently I needed to make a card for Little Man's teacher (it's almost the end of the year!) and I really wasn't feeling the desk this year...that's a lot of fiddly gluing y'all! But I still wanted his teacher to have something I came up with the idea for the twirling apple :)

The template came from the Silhouette store...then I looked for a print and cut apple, sized it smaller so it would work...printed, cut, and started gluing.  

The hidden secret to the card? The mechanism is two pennies stuck together with foam tape...pretty nifty, huh?

I've got to take a photo of another recently finished project with yet another technique I tried for the first time...I made three...the 2nd two worked out, the first...not so much, I may just have to share that one with you too!!

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