Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ocean Waves Lizard Ridge

I've done some smaller projects on the side...but the main project I've been knitting away at has been what I'm calling my Ocean Waves Lizard Ridge blanket.  After seeing the GORGEOUS one that CrimsonPurl made I couldn't stop thinking about it.  That's usually a sign that a project is in my future...CrimsonPurl has inspired me on a couple of occasions...and I'm actually planning to make another project she had made as a reward to myself once I finish this project (just to make sure I actually DO finish).  

I'm using Lion Brand Amazing yarn which is WAY cheaper than the Noro yarn the pattern calls for.  Keeping in mind I have a son who likes to dig his little toes into blankets, I'm happy with the choice.  Also, the yarn, while you can't really tell, has colors that are found in the painting I did above our mantle.  

Basically the pattern is made by using short rows.  With short rows, instead of knitting all the way to the end of a row you knit a few stitches, turn the work, then knit a few, then turn, etc thereby knitting small sections which is how you get what almost looks like blobs of the same color.  

When you do short rows you have to "wrap" your stitches to prevent holes from every turn.  I never mastered the art of short rows until Connie shared a link for German short rows that don't require wraps.  I love this method! I'll never be afraid of short rows again!!!  So I started out, used lifelines, knit away, and then, I got very brave and taught myself how to knit backwards...and then had to figure out how to do German short rows with knitting backwards.  There were no tutorials on that anywhere..I was on my own.  But I pushed forward and figured it out.  I've now got 10 complete 12-row repeats done of the 24 and I'm hoping I can have it finished by the end of November.  I'm giving myself a deadline so that I keep focused on the end! I need to stay focused...Rows 4 & 10 each take over an hour to do...EEEK!!!

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