Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mother Son Pottery Painting

Little Man had off the Tuesday after MLK Day and I wanted to have some fun with him.  He had been talking about painting pottery since he saw a place near us, but it was closed so I had been on the lookout for somewhere else to go.  When I saw a Groupon deal for one not too far away, I jumped on it, and it was a perfect activity for us.  

First we headed to the library.  Then we had lunch out.  And then, we headed to Meg-Art to paint some pottery.

Little Man picked two little turtles.  He enjoyed picking the colors out almost as much as painting them.

I loved watching him so into painting.

I just started back to work and I'm even more grateful I got to have some time like that with him.  I can't wait to see how the turtles will look when we pick them up!!

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Anonymous said...

looks so awesome, cant wait to go there with you all and Waylon!