Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wine Cork Wreath Crafting

 Over MLK weekend our family friends came with their kids for a quick visit.  During some time while the kids played in the basement the Mom and I put her wine cork collection to good use.  She'd made trivets and trays, but we thought wreaths could be cute.  We didn't want to drill holes so we went with a flat styrofoam wreath form that we painted with acrylic paint.  While the paint dried we broke the corks into 3 main sizes...then we laid out the placement before we started wielding the hot glue gun.  Since she had lots of duplicate corks we were able to create patterns with the corks.  After lining the inside we created the pattern on the main part of the wreath.

We enjoyed a glass of wine while making our wine cork wreaths.

My friend enjoyed trying cork patterns.


I got a little crazy with the hot glue, so I found this great rope trim to stick in the crevice between the cork rows.  A few dabs of hot glue permanently stuck it in the wreath and now I'm just waiting for Hubby to hang it!

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