Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Purl Bee Cable Back Shell

I am still plugging away at the Cable Back Shell from The Purl Bee.  It's a free pattern and I'm using some REALLY thin yarn on size 3 needles to knit it up.  It's still freezing cold here so I'm in no hurry to finish it to wear it right away, but some days it really feels like 4 rows makes absolutely NO progress.  In order to keep making progress I'm trying to at least get 4 rows done a day, which doesn't take too long...I'm thinking in another week or so I'll be ready to seam it up.  It's knit all in one piece which is a great type of construction...the ribbing you see there before the neck hole is where it will be folded in half...and then I'll stitch  up either side leaving space for my arms.   I look forward to seeing it complete!

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