Sunday, February 8, 2015

"NACHO" Average Valentine

 With Little Man now a 10 year-old he isn't into the cutesy St. Valentine's Day cards (sniff, sniff...just as I have learned about Pinterest and had a million cute ideas before me).  In fact, he prefers "cool" things to give to his friends, and what could be cooler than these?!?! I saw the idea on Pinterest, and though I could have printed a free template and made things easier...I didn't like the wording on the version I saw, or the graphics, so I went into Photoshop and made my own.  Doing that also enabled me to vary the teachers' valentines ever so slightly.  I printed them in color on regular paper, had him address them, then cut them out and taped them to the front of the bags.  Another cool one if you like the idea..."You're all that and a bag of chips," which has the added bonus that you could get assorted bags and use any kind and it would work. In order to have enough I ordered the Doritos from Amazon.  

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