Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pre-Valentine Prep

Last year I had just started a new job less than 2 weeks before Valentine's Day, so I didn't get too fancy with making things for the big day.  This year, I was so motivated after seeing the super-cute SVG Cuts box cards set...I had fun picking out paper and cutting out the pieces, and then assembling the cards.  Each box card is like a little piece of magic to me...I love the finished result!

How awesome that these 3-D cards fold flat for an envelope....MAGIC!

Making these cards also meant I was able to use my new envelope board! I found the dimensions that best fit my cards, cut the paper to that size, lined them up with the correct line, and after four score lines, four notch punches and four corner punches...I had an envelope to glue...MAGIC!

I hope those that received them found them to be as magical as I do!!

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