Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crafted in Italy Souvenirs

 We unpacked more than just clothes once we were finally home again.  I was able to enjoy my purse from Florence.

And we all enjoyed playing with Pinocchio. He had to come home with us...the Pinocchio story started in Italy, and he was so cute! He's made from wood!

While in Pisa we saw these baskets at a stall. I loved the carvings, and how unique the design is...the basket also folds flat.

We found this pastel of Venice at a stall as well (but in Venice).

So, do you remember the video I shared with the glass artisan making the glass horse? Well, after the tour Little Man was gifted the horse! He was the youngest visitor and SO EXCITED! It's it beautiful!

And, he received this little glass turtle family.

We had one item we ordered shipped, so I'll have to share that too when it's here!

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