Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Italian Knitting Project

Yes, I took knitting with me all the way to Italy.  I had grand plans to take my knitting around and take photos with places like the Colosseum and the Grand Canal in the background. Yeah, that didn't happen. For one, we were constantly on the go and I wasn't trying to carry around anything extra. Plus, I was too busy trying to take it all in (and photograph everything so I'd never forget it). 

I had found the perfect yarn too. When I saw it I thought of the movie 'Under the Tuscan Sun'...and frescoes.  I ordered it from Gynx yarns right around when we booked the trip...and thought immediately of what I could make with it.

I did manage to knit a bit in the evenings at our hotels when I was trying to wind down.  I also was able to knit while we traveled through the countryside by bus. It was a great way to spend the trip...looking at the scenery as it passed and working on a relaxing project I've made a few times before...a pair of Ripple Sock Slippers.

By the time we came home I had 3/4 of a slipper done.  I've been enjoying working on them.

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