Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Crafting Battle

 I try really hard to kick the butt of every crafting challenge that comes my way. So when my mom asked for a bread box for her kitchen that coordinated with the tray and recipe box I had made for her before, the first task was to find a bread box to paint. Dude, have you looked at how much unfinished, wooden bread boxes cost? A lot (at least to me...I mean, if you have to paint it yourself why should they cost so much?) But, while looking around at T.J. Maxx I found a finished bamboo bread box and decided I would snatch it up to paint. Oh my took so many coats of paint to fully cover it.

Coat after coat...and then I couldn't locate any more of the rub-on decals so I decided to use the few remaining decals...and then they wouldn't rub off...they were too old. I sighed out loud quite a bit for this project.  Gritted my teeth and in the end...


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