Monday, December 14, 2015

EEEK! Will I finish in time?

So last year I saw Susan B Anderson's Christmas socks and perfectly coordinated Christmas project bag and drooled with how fun and festive it looked. When the shop she bought her yarn from had an after Christmas sale I snatched up some yarn...but during the year with my job status changing I wasn't able to purchase a project bag. And I didn't think about it and then, we were putting up Christmas decorations and I thought about it and decided to try to figure out how to make one.

I found a rough pattern, followed it and it was way too small.  I looked at what the type of bag I wanted is usually sized. changed the pattern and away I went. 

And then I broke two needles within 10 minutes (having not broken one in 15 years) and have to wait for replacement needles to arrive....AAAAHHHHHH...will I get at least one bag done in time for Christmas?!?!?!?

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