Saturday, January 23, 2016

Never Too Old: To Sled for the First Time

So, snow isn't something you see here very often. But when it does come the kids basically want to play in it until it melts away. This year we were prepared. Grandma North hooked Little Man up with a sled and snow boots. And he was ready to go before there was anything on the ground.Since there weren't any kids to play with Hubby and I took one for the team and went out sledding with him. And damn am I glad we did because I had a fan-flipping-tastic time! I had never sled before!

Here's me my first time ever on a sled!

The next day we went to the BIG hill on the neighborhood's golf course.

Little Man went first.

Hubby looked over at me trying to see if I was going to way!

At the top!

Damn that was fun! Why'd I wait so long???

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