Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend Fun and Ouchies

 At some point this weekend I remember thinking, wow...what a beautiful weekend! I also remember thinking how much I was enjoying the weather and family time...even chores!

First, we worked in the front yard. We planted our begonias and I pruned the rosebushes.

While I pruned I saved buds from the branches and brought them inside...THEY SMELLED SO GOOD!!!

Another yummy smell on Saturday was Hubby's latest smoked meat creation...YUM!

Then on Sunday we rode bikes in the neighborhood to go geocaching. While we were heading back my bike hit a pinecone just the wrong way and I wound up flying over my bike and landing half under a bush...scraping my knee and hand on concrete in the split second that I tried to protect my face.

I'll spare you some of the gross photos...but it sure did put a damper on the day. 

Fortunately before my knee swelled too bad I was able to get the chicken pot pies made for Harry Potter Night...and then I sit down and took it easy the rest of the day.

So, my body may have been battered pretty bad, but it was still a fun weekend!

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