Thursday, June 9, 2016

End of School Year Shenanigans

Little Man had a pretty exciting end to his school year. He has loved his school and is sad to leave, but enjoyed the last days there.

First, he was invited to a pool party. It was at one of the neighborhood pools and there were a lot of kids he knew so he had a blast.

During field day I volunteered. I was stationed at the bouncy house which is not one of the most popular assignments, but wow you have to be careful the kids don't get crazy in there! I volunteered with Little Man's friend's mom who I know pretty well, so time flew by and we were both able to take photos of the kids. (And go down the big inflatable slide twice at the end...who says you can't be a big kid?)

The water slide was super fun for the kids and a welcome cooldown since it was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day!

We also had the promotion ceremony. Little Man saw the shirt and tie and wanted to really dress up. He looked so HANDSOME!!!

I was super proud that I didn't cry...I was worried I would!

The last day of school was a day he didn't have to go, but he wanted to see some friends for the last time (they were moving away). So, I took a last day of school photo.

I picked him up a little early and then we headed to the pool. Sniff, the fall he's off to middle school!

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