Friday, June 10, 2016

Crafting With Food: Croissants

I love learning new things. It's a definite weakness of mine but, like reading magazines, I can live with it. Whether it's crafting with paper, fiber or food...I'm always game to learn! So, when I saw this class with Sur La Table, I was so excited! Croissants definitely have plenty of steps..but after this class I'm pretty confident I can take them on! I may have to make them and freeze them before baking...that seems the most convenient...I wouldn't want to have to spend so much time making them with company around...they take a while!

The trickiest part is the butter block and rolling out the dough to the correct size. Once you've repeated the process a few times (folding, resting, rolling) the dough tries to fight you.

Would you look at this cute little croissant? You can't tell, but it actually has cheese and ham in it!

We also made morning buns! They were so good, but I don't know if I'd go to the trouble of making croissant dough to make seems like it would be easier to make "regular" cinnamon rolls.

Hubby and Little Man were happy when I came home with a goodie bag of extras from class!

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