Friday, June 17, 2016

Shark Bite for Shark Week!

While we were traveling North to visit my family we stayed overnight in West Virginia. We ate dinner and then came back to the hotel so we'd have some time for Little Man to swim in the indoor pool a little. Then, in a moment of pure bliss, I grabbed a glass of wine from the cocktail lounge and sipped it in the room while I watched Jaws on the iPad and cast-on my Shark Bite socks. I was hoping to get one sock done before Shark Week and then knit the other one during Shark Week...we'll see how that goes. I haven't made a ton of socks...but this pair will be different in a couple of ways. First, they have intarsia there will be a "picture" knit in them by changing yarn colors. Second, these you start by knitting them flat,then after getting through the cuff and the 67 rows of intarsia you stat knitting them in the round for the heel, foot and cuff. Then you seam up the leg portion. I'm so excited for another pair of shark-themed socks...and these seem like they will be SO much easier than my LAST pair. Which is a good thing!!

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