Monday, June 13, 2016

First Swim Meet

We just finished at the first swim meet of the season. Hubby and Little Man have collapsed from exhaustion and I'm not far behind. I'm sitting on the floor for fear of sitting on my furniture after sweating like an animal all afternoon.  The sun was so hot I had to hold myself back from jumping into the pool fully clothed. I could feel all of my clothes stick to me and there was nothing to do but sweat and hope sundown would bring relief that made us forget all about it.

We had to be there for 4:45 and did not finish until well past 10. Hubby and I volunteered for the 2nd half so we stood for hours and our feet are sore and drenched. I will say volunteering helped us quickly understand what we were watching and how everything is organized. Little Man had fun with his swim team buddies and 2 of our 4 volunteer slots have been filled right away,YAY!

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