Thursday, July 7, 2016

Maybe It's Time To Get Started!

I've had outdoor fabric and cushions for months that I want to make outdoor seat cushions with. I've put off making them because I was nervous about them turning out alright (and I've been really busy and have been focusing more on smaller projects that I can work on for a couple of minutes at a time). But, much like 4 years ago when we were pushed to get some home projects done before my bestie came for a visit (read about that here), Hubby is working on staining the deck and screen porch and I need to get these cushions made for the chairs on our deck. So, I think I need to get started, she'll be here in a month! 

I tried to wing it with the first one, but it wasn't as perfect as I wanted and I wasn't happy with how long it took. So, what's a modern craft chick to do? Search the Internet! I found this great tutorial that seems doable...I've cut out the pieces for one cushion,,,I'll completely sew up one before I cut any more fabric (in case it doesn't go smoothly for me). BUT, in the tutorial they used basting tape and a magnetic foot for the sewing machine. Each is a couple of dollars on Amazon so I'm waiting for them to arrive before I take on the sewing.

Want to see the tutorial? Check it out here!

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