Saturday, July 9, 2016

One Cushion Down!

Remember that cushion tutorial? Man, I feel like a cushion pro now! So much easier than I thought it would be! (Don't forget you can check out the video here)

Making the template for the cushion was really no trouble at all...and avoided a lot of extra measuring, so that made me happy! Each cushion has two pieces, the top and the bottom.

I've never used basting tape before, and the fabric/tape combo for this project wasn't the best because it wasn't sticky enough...but the corners were so quick to make using it and it made it really quick!

Using the magnetic guide on the sewing machine meant all of the seams were the perfect measurement...very cool!

I just have part of the bottom-back seam to sew closed. I didn't add the zipper on the bottom...though now I'm thinking that wouldn't have been a bad idea. Oh well, maybe next that I'm not afraid of taking on cushions!

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