Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pumpkin Picking Time

 I'm here to tell ya, it was interesting picking a pumpkin this year. Little Man is at the age where he's not really big,but he's not really a little kid either. And sometimes he doesn't know that he's outgrown things until we're...there. We talked earlier about getting our pumpkin and Little Man specifically said he wanted to go to the pumpkin patch. SOOOO...we went. And then, he started looking at all of the little kids having their photos taken (they were so cute!!!) and...suddenly...he was over the pumpkin patch. But we were already Hubby and I made sure we enjoyed the patch. And tried not to get too sad that Little Man has outgrown going. Sniff.

At least he's old enough to take pictures!

After he ate some homemade vanilla ice cream the smile on his face was authentic.  I didn't even have to tell him to smile for the photo he took with his daddy!

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