Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Craft Chick Thanksgiving

 I hesitate to say Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday, because that makes me sound like such an "eater"...but I really love the holiday. I obviously love the turkey and trimmings, but I also love taking stock of all that there is to be grateful for, the beautiful colors of the season, the decorations...everything.

This year the holiday was perfect. The weather was gorgeous and before the turkey was in the oven we went for a beautiful autumn walk through the neighborhood.

I love seeing leaf prints on the sidewalk!

Then, as the turkey was in the oven, Hubby and I enjoyed sitting in the screen porch catching a gentle breeze.

I had a nice cool glass of wine too!

The turkey came out perfect! Juicy with a crispy skin...YUM!

I set the table earlier in the day.

I tried to talk Hubby into not bringing all the food into the dining room but he said his favorite part is seeing all the food together (and that he didn't want to have to get up between plates of food).

And after dinner we had my husband's favorite: my chocolate pecan pie with homemade whipped cream.

The only thing that wasn't perfect? My tummy could only hold so much!

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