Monday, November 21, 2016

Yarn Ball Craziness

I am soooo embarrassed to show this yarn. I have been in a major declutter mode and I went through my craft room. Yes, my CRAFT ROOM. I downsized QUITE a lot of yarn. Like, seriously a lot. It all went to a good home (my grandmother-in-law) so it felt pretty good. I'm sure she will enjoy it and I was able to part with yarn that wasn't bringing me any joy. Well, I came across this huge ball of yarn that I purchased back when I was a knitting newbie (yikes, about 9 or 10 years ago). It came with a learn to knit DVD and was in a cardboard carton that you could knit directly from (there was a hole to feed the yarn through and a carry handle).

Well, as you can imagine I've learned quite a few things over the years. I had originally never used it because I needed a great project for so much yardage. But then, as I'm reading the label I notice that it says it's 400+ yds of yarn. WHAT?!?! That's like a sock skein! Wait a minute... and I used my finger to kind of shove yarn aside to see...a BIG ASS foam ball. Dang!

SO I wound up the yarn into a new, foam-free ball and would you LOOK at the size difference? And that big ol' ball of yarn has been sitting around all this time! Well, no will look AMAZING, in Christmas socks, don't you think?? With the festive, glittery red? 

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