Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Christmas Crafting

Last year's craft was cute, but I think it was a little intense for the boys. With hundreds of pins and punching paper (and running out of pins twice) they were pretty to look at, but not the fastest projects to finish. In fact, my nephews didn't get to finish theirs! So this year I ordered more pins so they could finish, and I found a new project that wouldn't be as much work. We tackled this year's crafts first....wreath ornaments made with mason jar lid rings and pipe cleaners.

The assembly was pretty simple and everyone had fun decorating their wreaths to make them special.

My Mom went with a red pipe cleaner bow and red pompom ornaments.

My nephew made his Harry Potter-themed with pipe cleaners the colors of the Gryffindor house and a lightening bolt decoration.

My little nephew went full Doc Octopus with pipe cleaners sticking out.

Little Man did a striped base and a reindeer sticker in the middle.

My husband used a star and pompoms....with help from my brother's girlfriend making the star.

And I used paper branches and a red bow.

Then my nephew finished his tree.

And Little Man finished his 2nd tree.

Look at all the gorgeous Christmas crafting we did!

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