Thursday, May 18, 2017

Homemade Sushi with Little Man

So Little Man LOVES sushi...which is awesome because he's into trying new things,but can get pricey because he's a growing kid. He also started talking about making sushi at home so he could pack leftovers for lunch.So, I broke out the Sushi Magic kit my sister had given to me ages ago. I bought ingredients over time, and then when Hubby was traveling (he's not a fan of sushi) Little Man and I made a sushi feast! We made nigiri (rice "balls" with sushi on top )and we made rolls. Some came out nicer than others, but they all tasted great! Little Man had a great time playing with combinations and was so proud to take his lunch the next day and show off some of his hard work!

We also had miso soup and edamame to round-out the meal...look at the huge smile on his face!

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