Sunday, May 28, 2017

Screen Porch Redo

 It was time for some new screen porch furniture. We wanted something that would be a little more comfortable for lounging...and we found it at Lowe's. We wound up unpacking it all in parking lot and stuffing the car full of the pieces to get it home when the box didn't fit by 1"...and there was a metal frame inside it so we couldn't just squeeze it. Have you ever done that? Unpacking in the parking lot? Hubby and I hurried to get it done before anyone we knew saw us!

Our old furniture that we've had since the first year in our last home:

The new furniture! I loved the blue accent pillows because it ties into the blue used in the walk-out basement. And pineapples? LOVE!

The new furniture is so comfortable you can LIE DOWN! In fact, Hubby took a nap out there the very first day! Sitting out there listening to the fountain is so peaceful.

If you're looking for us this summer you know where to look for us first!!

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