Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Here I Am

Well, if you wondered what I looked like, here's your chance to find out... I can't put off posting a photo with me in it any longer (which is too bad, I rather liked the possibility that anybody reading this blog may have thought I was some hot-looking glamazon). Here are the first dresses I have ever made for myself (which I made while asking myself, why didn't anybody point out that I'm not a seamstress, that I went to law school and that doesn't qualify me to make my own clothing?) Are they couture-level? Hell no, but when it's hot this summer the lightweight fabric will feel really nice!

Remember how I explained I moved into a new home in the last year? Yes, that would be me standing in the empty living room!
Two more projects that bit the dust this past week...YEAH! which is good since I got no project work done today. I took Little Man at the indoor pool because it reached 93 degrees here today and short of finding a lake somewhere that seemed like the next best thing, and after that I learned I've moved to the next level of consideration for a job I applied for and needed to polish up my writing sample for submission (job search takes priority over projects naturally). Hopefully I will get going on the curtains tomorrow, after I take Little Man to a Fairy Tale Exhibit where he's supposed to be able to climb a beanstalk, amongst other things. Well, until the next post, I hope you're staying cool wherever you are! P.S. In my case the camera added about 40 pounds, so you see, I really am a glamazon! ;)

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