Monday, May 7, 2007

Once upon A Time...

Once upon a time a little family went to a great free exhibit at the local library and saw an exhibit that the son thought was was called Once Upon A Time and it was an interactive fairy tale exhibit.
The little boy started by crawling through a "mole hole," and then went on to hear "Boogie Woogie Fairy Tales."
Then he pretended to feast like a king.

Then the prince went for a carriage ride and watched the pretend scenery that played on a television behind the window opening.

Then he climbed up a beanstalk...

and slid down a slide...

And then Prince Little Man played on and on and spread happiness wherever he traveled.

This great exhibit and the storytime that preceded it were both available free at ImaginOn which is a combined effort of the nationally recognized Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library System and the Children's Theatre of Charlotte. Even the underground parking was free (up to the first 90 minutes). There is also a trolley that children can play in and lots more; we look forward to going back again and again to explore all there is to do.

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