Saturday, June 16, 2007

Other 2006 Projects

Here are the other projects that I completed in 2006 that I photographed. Missing are several card sets I made as gifts, a matching Betty Boop adult apron and baby bib (with vinyl to ensure easy wiping up), and a baby afghan crocheted for the sister of a friend.

Roman shades I made for our kitchen. the fabric looks like two different shades in these photos because of the flash, but they do match.

Cars curtains for my nephew's room hanging in his room.

A recipe box I bought unfinished and then decorated with lighthouse rub-ons for my Mom (she loves lighthouses and the current theme of my blog is an ode to her as we look forward to our upcoming beach trip).

Hubby with the fleece Carolina Panthers blanket I finished for him so he could cuddle under it while watching games. He's really excited that he can watch the games at home now that we're back down South as he used to have to go watch the games at a sports bar and couldn't holler and yell like he liked. Plus he gets to share the games with Thomas now which is really cute.

A quilt I made for my nephew. I faced it with a fabric panel map of the United States that has pictures depicting what different states are known for (like a lobster for Maine, etc), and then the back is quilt batting I bought.

I think every crafter has a project that just leaves them feeling not too excited with the end result, and this afghan and pillow set I made for Sweet Boy are it for me. I hate the colors I chose, I don't know what I was thinking! I wish I could have a do-over, but you just can't make your first baby's first afghan and pillow set again. I take afghans very seriously. I've had my set since my 15th birthday (so, half of my life now) and have taken them everywhere with me to help me sleep better. My husband (and my family) makes fun of me, he goes so far as to call me Linus (like the character in Peanuts who carries around a blanket everywhere he goes). So it's a little disappointing that the results of what I made just aren't as beautiful.

These clownfish invites I made for Sweet Boy's birthday party (which was Nemo-themed). I hand-painted the white stripes, heat-embossed the mouth and fin details and glued black glitter on the rest of the black areas...invite details were written on the back. I sent the invite in envelopes I made from a template that allowed me to purchase paper with a water print and then cut out, fold and glue the paper into envelopes. I typed the addressees into a scrapbooking program and printed them into fish shapes and then ran the fish shapes through my sticker-maker so the address stickers looked like fish swimming in the water of the envelope.

This image I used when I made my sister a birthday card. She and I both enjoy learning about Japanese culture and cuisine and I loved this image of a geisha with the cherry tree blossoms (which I love). I stamped the image, ripped the edges, stamped the edges with a brown ink pad and then affixed the image to the front of some Japanese watercolor cardstock.

Hubby's Father's Day card. Last year his celebration was all about sailing. I made this origami boat, and decided to set it in a vellum pocket made to look like water. It went great with the day of sailing we had at the lake and the sailing book I bought him as a gift.

And here is one of the cards I made for my Mom as a giftset. She loves the beach so I made her a bunch with different skies and seas...some were meant to be at sunset and some just during the day. I watercolored the background, stamped the image, heat embossed it, cut it out and then used foam stickers to affix them to the front of the cards.

I think that's about it as far as projects for 2006. I have some photos from previous years that I may post later like of the mother's bracelet I made for myself, or the pajama bottoms and matching sleeper I made for my family when my son was just a month and a half old. I don't have any more current projects to show-off right now, but while I'm headed to the beach I'll have plenty of time to work on some things so I've decided to take along what I need to make Harry Potter bookscarves from the book Charmed Knits, and yarn to start the sleeves (if I have time) for my nephew's Batman sweater.

If you're a Harry Potter fan you should definitely check-out the Charmed Knits book. The patterns are designated as First year, O.W.L. (Ordinary wizarding Level for all you Muggles out there not in the know), and N.E.W.T. (I cannot remember what this stands for at the moment, I'll update later). Anyway the patterns are cute, some outrageous, but with the new movie coming out in less than a month and the 7th (and final) book also coming out next month, I thought it would be fun to knit a small project (and a bookmark made to look like a scarf sounded like the perfect small project to keep me company while I read that big book to the end). Oh, and if you are a fan of Harry Potter there is a KAL (knit a long) where you can get a free pattern for a House hat or beret from Charmed Knits and you can donate the items which will be given to Warm Woolies. And with every hat you knit and submit you are entered into a drawing to win a prize (if you want to know what you'll just have to go there to find out).

Oh and be sure to check-out the new "mascot", and if she gets on your nerves with her chirping please note that there's a mute icon to her left ;)

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