Monday, July 9, 2007

Beach Vacation Post 2

When we last left our story we had just finished breakfast on Monday morning which was very gloomy. When we got back to the rooms we worked on pirate crafts with the boys (pirate eye patches this time), and we were happy when the sun came out and we were able to go to the beach in the afternoon.


Mom enjoying the ocean

Burying the hubby and my brother

Me being buried...don't expect to see this every year, the memory of how much sand got stuck in my bathing suit is still fresh in my mind. (And how difficult it was to get it out!)

Little Man and his cousin buried up to their waists.

After spending a couple of hours at the beach we headed to the hot tub, since it was still a little chilly to be in the pool. Afterwards we headed upstairs for lunch, naps, and quiet time to clean up before dinner. We had dinner at Schellenger's which is a great seafood restaurant a block from the Boardwalk. After eating like kings we headed off to the Boardwalk. We went to Atlantic Books which is tradition, and everyone found something. Then we walked around, until Little Man spotted a mini-golf game. He ran over to this game, and started struggling to wriggle out of his blazer, as if he needed to really get into concentration mode to play. (I should mention we have a little-person-size golf set at home he plays with quite a bit). Well, he played, and so did Ethan and they both "won" an Elmo (Little Man) and a Spongebob Squarepants (Ethan). We also played skeeball and some other arcade games, and were given points towards little souvenirs from some older folks who thought the boys were cute. They each got some neat souvenirs and...

...were fascinated by the video driving game!

We finished our Boardwalk trip up with funnel cake and ice cream (funnel cake for me and my Mom, ice cream for everybody else), and relaxed the rest of the evening.

The next morning we worked on pirate sunglasses before breakfast.

craft time

After breakfast hubby, my brother, the boys and I went on a surrey ride along the beach. Ethan is wearing his pirate sunglasses!

Wow was it hot out! After pedaling around, and stopping at a playground for the boys to play, we were ready to hit the beach (especially after Hubby and my brother pedaled so hard I couldn't keep up and the chain popped off of one side of the bike).

Again we had a great time at the beach digging in the sand and boogey-boarding. The water felt fantastic, the sun was shining, and we saw dolphins swimming not too far from shore. Afterwards we headed to the pool to play for a while and then it was back upstairs for lunch, cleaning up, and quiet time for the adults. Later we got dressed for dinner and headed to Piro's which is an Italian restaurant my Mom loves for the Linguine with White Clam Sauce. I favor the spaghetti with fresh mushrooms and meatballs.

Little Man and Cousin Ethan at Piro's

After a nice, relaxing dinner we headed to Hereford Inlet Lighthouse where my brother took photos of the family before he and Ethan had to leave for home (he had to get back to work).
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Little People in Front: My Little Man, My Nephew who is 1 year older
Big People in Back: Me with Hubby Standing Behind Me, My Brother, My Pop, My Mom

My brother went crazy with the posed photos, but the shots he got are really great.

Me, Little Man and Hubby

Me walking with my son and my nephew by the inlet.

After walking around enjoying the gardens we said good-bye and my brother and nephew headed home. We headed back to the hotel and later James ran out and picked up ice cream.

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