Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Little of This and a Little of That

Yesterday I finished the knit portion of the Buddy Bag (designed by Anny Purls with my own customizations). I wanted the bag to look like a skyline to go with the Batman finger puppet I want to make for the pocket.
The Front

During this project I learned several new techniques. The first new technique was how to use yarn-overs to create an eyelet row. This row then became the folding row so that after the piece was hemmed the top had a neat picot trim (very cool to me).

The Back

The bag drawn shut using the drawstring.
I also learned how to bind off while hemming. I've never hemmed (while knitting) before. Very cool little trick! Easier and much nicer to look at then sewing it would have been, as you can see from the photo below and the hem created the "tunnel" that the cord goes through.

The Inside Hem and Close-Up of Picot Edge

I also learned how to knit I-Cord for this project. Overall I'm happy with the finished knit product all though I envisioned something different when I thought of the idea for the skyline decoration (which I duplicate stitched onto the bag except for the pocket which was knit separately). Now I need to find some Batman-print fabric to make the lining!

I wanted to have the Batman-Inspired Sweater and Detachable Cape Pattern written up by now but life and several other obligations have delayed my getting that finished. Last week I went to my first meeting with Stand Up for Kids, Inc., an organization just starting here in Charlotte that helps homeless youths. Tonight I will attend another meeting to work on putting together outreach packets, turn in paperwork, and discuss which other organizations would make good partners in the community. Last week I also attended an end-of-summer party at the library for book club participants. I participated in the online summer reading program so I was invited and I had a great time. We were asked to wear sunglasses and those who did were able to choose a book as a prize. The food was fantastic, one of the librarians loves to cater events and she did a luau theme with hollowed-out pineapples holding dips, fruit skewers, a beach cake, drinks with little umbrellas in them, and cute paper products. There was karaoke (wow, was that fun to watch), librarians giving book reviews (more to my reading list), and beach-themed bingo. There were also raffles. I had a great time, and met some new people who have talked me into looking into the book clubs that the libraries offer. I also learned that Nicholas Sparks (the author of Message in a Bottle, The Notebook and A Walk to Remember) will be in Charlotte for a book signing, and have put that in my planner to make an effort to attend.

Today I went to a two-hour Jewelry Tech 101 class at Michael's. It was taught by Rolande Sowers who is really sweet and fit A LOT into that time. I learned everything I wanted to plus some and was able to finish (and bring home) 2 pair of earrings. All the supplies were included in the cost of the class and by a fluke I had her to myself as no one else had signed up. I now feel prepared to make stitch markers for the stitch marker swap I signed up for that will take place in September (more on that later). But, back to the class, I now know what I need to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I learned how to use crimp tubes, how to make loops, how to wrap beads, how to wrap wire and lots more. And I took plenty of notes. I love being able to learn about something new so that if I see something I can create my own version. I think that's the best thing about being a craft chick.

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