Friday, August 24, 2007

On the Needles...and Coming Up

Last post I talked about the Batman sweater I designed and the Buddy Bag (designed by Anny Purls) that I am working on now to match it.

Above is the sweater and below is my progress so far on the Buddy Bag. As you can see I'm not working the bag in stripes, instead I will use duplicate stitch after I'm finished knitting the rest in gray to create a city skyline in black (as if in silhouette), and then I will knit a pocket to line up with a building outline. I can't wait to get the bag done so I can tackle the finger puppet. I plan to use the pattern for the body of the finger puppet but then make a cape, etc. to make a Batman finger puppet. I'm crossing my fingers that it comes out recognizable, and not like a black cat or something.

After the Buddy Bag is done I want to make another Buddy bag for Little Man and then I will start this knit pirate, the pattern for which is in the July issue of Simply Knitting (a UK knitting magazine). Oh, all the little pieces, and the seaming, I'm excited and a little anxious about taking on a project with so much seaming that could really ruin the project if not done well. But how could I pass it up when we're planning to redecorate Little Man's bedroom with friendly pirates (before he rebels against Rainbow Fish...after all he will be three in November so it's only a matter of time).

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