Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The Batman-Inspired Sweater

I thought of the idea for a Batman-Inspired sweater months ago, but only took it on in the last month. I designed this sweater myself and I'm proud of how it turned out. From the Batman motif to the detachable cape to the Batman buttons on the back of the sweater...I hope it puts a smile on the wearer's face while keeping him warm.

I'll be offering the pattern at Etsy in about a week or so for anyone who is interested. The pattern is for a child's size 2,4, or 6 sweater but the motif could be used for an adult sweater pattern. And the motif could be used to create a Batman afghan or pillow by making squares with the motif. The pattern will also include instructions for the detachable cape and the Batman buttons. This pattern is the first of several comic book-inspired fashions that I've thought up for the little boys who you'd like to knit for who have a different sense of style. My goal was to create something that would be fun for a little person to wear, almost like a costume.

Right now I'm working on a Buddy Bag to match the sweater. The Buddy Bag pattern is by Anny Purls and I am adapting it to be the same colors as the sweater with a skyline pocket and a Batman finger puppet. I should have a progress photo of that in the next day or so. After the buddy bag I have another Buddy Bag to knit for Little Man which will have a pirate finger puppet in a sailboat pocket, and after that I will be working on a pirate toy; the pattern for which was in Simply Knitting (I'll post a photo of "Barnacle Bill" later this week).

Note: Many thanks to Little Man and Hubby for the photo shoot earlier today!

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