Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christmas Plans 2008

As I mentioned last post, I have a weakness for cool projects. Whether it's etching glass, beading, painting, staining, knitting, crocheting, cutting, or pasting, if I see it and like it, it gets filed under project ideas. Sometimes, like with the pirate chests it just takes a trip to the craft store to get me started, recently I've been inspired by blogs and Ravelry. While reading The Blue Blog, I started reading about the book Bend-The-Rules Sewing. Well I nosed around a little and made my way to the Flickr group and started drooling over all the projects that people have made from this book. And then I saw it...and now I know I HAVE to make two for next Christmas. Puppet theaters that use tension rods to put them up in a door frame. Can you imagine all the cute possibilities? The sweet little shows Little Man and my nephew can put on? And the best part? Straight that means I stand a chance of actually being able to pull both of them off in the next 13 months.

Project by Zoe Krylova

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