Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pants and Hats

So last time I said I would be talking about potty training woes, so let me say that Little Man has started wearing underwear to preschool, and while Number 1 training is going well, Number 2 is NOT. After he had an accident on his first day he pulled some out of his pant leg and threw it on the floor of my car. It has not been pretty. We know about when he is going to go, so we've been having him sit on the potty, but he holds it and goes as soon as he can in his pants. He's really fighting it, hopefully that will change soon.

Meanwhile I've been job-seeking and working on some projects so I can finish them up because as of Monday, I'LL BE WORKING! I start a full-time contract position and so I want to get Little Man's pirate things done for his room. Tomorrow and the weekend I will be working on them full tilt, and hopefully we'll be able to change out his Rainbow Fish decor for new pirate decor.

I've been working on stash-busting which is a big desire of mine for the new year. I see a lot of charity knitting and small toys in my future amongst bigger projects. Above is Charity Hat #1 which is based on the Painted Turtle pattern from Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Hats book. It will have a crochet turtle on it when it's done.

This hat (Charity hat #2) will also have a turtle (different size though). I will be donating to Hats for Alex (which collects hats in memory of Alex Tay, a 6-month-old who was beaten to death by his daycare provider), through Itty bitty Knits a Ravelry group for fans of the Itty Bitty books, and to an African orphanage. So I decided to get going, it takes about 5 hours for me to completely finish a hat, so I think it's doable over the course of the year.

At least with knitting you can watch a movie and be a little more social, sewing is a little bit of a different story. But my Mom jumped out there and made these great pajama bottoms and before I knew it I had plans. Oh, did I make plans. Below are three pairs of pajama bottoms I made this week. One flannel pair has a Curious George print, another flannel is the exact same print that Hubby's bought pajamas have, and the last lightweight pair is Little Einsteins. I love them! And I'm so proud because I learned how to do an elastic waist. Oh, and I used the new scissors my Mom, I mean Santa, brought me for Christmas, and, I think I'm in love. Seriously, I have contemplated making them a pink suede holster or something, because these scissors are the best! Fiskars, 8" with bended handle, oh, the weight of them felt so good, and they cut that fabric like butter, I see so many projects in our future!

Next post: Movie Reviews and whatever else strikes my fancy!


Grandma North said...

I know you feel the same great feeling of satisfaction..making something yourself...and it saves $ too! I'm proud that my Grandmothers' sewing machine was involved in a small way. Grandma Mamie would be so happy. I hope Little Man appreciates all your efforts.

Sereknitty said...

Congratulations on the new job!

Aura said...

Wow Rose - You've been busy. If you ride the bus you can take your knitting and knit. Now that you work you'll have to think of creative ways to make progress in your knitting. The pajama pants are so cute. Love the fabric. I also love to sew but with work really can't find the time. It was nice seeing you this past Sat. Did you unravel the other Takki Skein?