Monday, January 14, 2008


Before I talk about anything else I have to share some exciting news...Little Man went #2 in the potty tonight for the first time! Yippee! I had a special little present set aside that I let him know was for him when he made #2 in the potty, since he REALLY was not into the idea, but today he finally did it. Hopefully, he'll catch on that it's not so bad quickly. He's also started asking to use the potty at night after he goes down for bed if he has to, and since he started doing that about 4 nights ago he's been dry in the mornings. He did that all on his own, we were mainly concerned with the #2.

I started my job yesterday and it's going good, the 45 minute drive to and from isn't my favorite, and I'm actually thinking about taking the bus (since bus lanes quicken the trip when you take the Express into the city), but the job itself is pretty decent. It's a lot of reading, I read over 500 documents today and my eyes can definitely tell, but I'm glad I finally found something. Oh, and Hubby is too!

On Saturday I was surprised by my friend with this belated Christmas gift, a knitting bag, so that's pretty cool since I've been using one I received free with a magazine purchase. She and i also enjoyed a Japanese lunch so that was nice.

The rest of the weekend I spent time with Hubby and Little Man and worked on some projects and cleaned (my fridge looks really good!) We went to the dollar movie theater and saw The Bee Movie again, and Little Man enjoyed that outing. Hopefully this weekend we will make it to Monkey Joe's, I know he would love that. Oh, and we're hoping to pick up some new fish for the aquarium.

I finished the new comforter for Little Man's room. It has a pirate print on one side and a map of the world on the other. I love how educational the map is, it has landmarks (like the Eiffel Tower), animals native to the region, arts native to the regions, and products (like lobsters in Maine).

I still have a new valance to make with the pirate fabric and a new pillow and then we will switch out his Rainbow Fish things for the new pirate theme. I finished the quilt on Sunday evening, and then I finished up two baby hats for charity. Both are based on the pattern Painted Turtle from Itty Bitty Hats. I changed the heads on the turtles a little bit to make them look a little more headlike.

And after those three projects were done I started my KAL project for my Brothers and Sisters fan group (that is set up through Ravelry). We cast on for the Brother in Law Basketweave Hat (it's a theme knit), and plan to work on the project only while the show is on, so that we know the others are also working on it. I made it 2 rows past the ribbing, the rest will have to wait until next Sunday. And the best part about this hat (besides the fact I will doante this hat to charity too), this project is the first project I am making with my Denise Interchangeable Needles. I didn't want to do just any old project with them the first time I used them, so I waited for this project to start to use them for the first time, and wow, how smooth it was.

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Connie said...

So happy to hear you have a job! Glad you like it too. Those hats with the turtles are so cute!