Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Fun: Part 1

Little Man celebrated his 4th birthday this past week. His theme this year was dinosaurs. So, we celebrated just the three of us on his actual birthday, and then the next day we had a little celebration at his preschool the following day.

So on his actual birthday Little Man and Hubby had off, but I didn't, so he had to wait until I got home to open his presents. So, when I got home, he was VERY ready to open some cards and presents!

His dinosaur birthday banner

Opening his presents...please ignore my horrible faces at the end of the video..
Hubby and I still don't have a signal worked out for ending the videotaping
(and from now on I've decided to smile really nicely while asking him to stop filming,
because my face is HORRIBLE!)

Opening his homemade pajama pants from
Grandma North (one with dinosaurs, and one with knights)

Playing with dinosaurs from Grandma North

Looking at his outfit from Grandma North

Standing with his new Thomas the Train lighthouse

Adding the new lighthouse to the table

Wearing his new peacoat from Auntie Tenasha

Birthday singing

Happy 4th Birthday!

Part 2 of the birthday festivities next time!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Little Man sure seemed happy on his special day. I'm glad I could see that he liked his new dinosaurs. The Peacoat from Aunt Tenesha really looks quite handsome on him. He looks like he is growing up so much since I last saw him! Looking forward to seeing part 2. Love,as always, Grandma North