Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Fun: Part 2

So, the day after Little Man's birthday he went to the dentist with his Daddy while I went to work. And then, in the afternoon, I left work early and headed home where I met up with Hubby who had gone and picked up the cake I had ordered. From home we drove to Little Man's school.

Little Man loves the dinosaur, which came off the cake and can be used as a toy now.

The kids wore their dinosaur party hats (Little Man had asked if at his party there could be party hats).

The kids enjoyed eating the cake...

...and checking out the dinosaur!

After cake time Little Man handed out treat bags to his friends. Each bag had a dinosaur straw, a dinosaur notepad, and a "fossil" egg with tools to dig out the fossil. And of course the bags had dinosaurs on them (you've got to love the dollar store for party favors).
When we got home, Little Man was excited to dig out his dinosaur. It took a while, and the dinosaur was tiny, but he really enjoyed brushing away the dirt and chiseling. And he felt like a big boy, now that he's four!


Sinéad said...

That is one cool cake. I bet he had a blast!

Anonymous said...

wow! I never knew cakes could be so interactive! It kind of puts my plain old cakes,,,made at home..to shame.:(
Grandma North

Anonymous said...

That cake ROCKS! Im so impressed with the dinosauriness (i am aware thats not a word) of his birthday!