Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a few things...

So, I haven't been blogging because my evenings have been full of Superman sweater work. I finished the duplicate stitching on Tuesday, started the seam work last night and hope to finish the neckline tonight. So, here are just a few things to tell you about until I have time to talk all about Little Man's birthday this weekend.

First off, I sent off all of these little hats to go to an orphanage in Africa with a fellow knitter who is going there on a school trip. Hopefully, they'll keep little heads warm.

Also, I picked up some small things for me....glow-in-the dark yarn that Connie picked up for me while it was discounted.

Yes, it really glows! How fun!

And this great small project pouch. I take knitting with me on the bus, and wanted something cute and small to throw in my work tote...I LOVE THIS PRINT! And the knot is pretty too!

Besides playing with my new Cricut machine, I made this lighthouse card for my Mom for her birthday (by hand, yes, I cut all those little windows out with an Exacto knife).

And, lastly for tonight, our wall oven died, so we replaced it with this new flat top range/oven combo.

Next time, I'll fill you all in on Little Man's birthday festivities...including his very cool cake, and thoughtful presents!

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Aura said...

I've been making baby hats too, Rose. They are fun and quick to make. I missed you today during our knit Nuts meeting. Two new ladies joined us. Your new stove is beautiful. The smooth surface should be easy to keep clean.