Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

It's taken me a while to post these photos from Valentine's Day weekend. My father was born on Valentine's Day; and this year the days leading to it, and the day of, were particularly hard for me. I decided that the busier I was, the less chance I would have to think about it, but it didn't really work, but for Little Man, I wanted to make it a special day. The week was hectic since Hubby had traveled for work, though we were both able to be with Little Man for his Friendship Party on Friday. Parents all contributed to goodies for the kids, and the kids performed 'I'm a Little Teapot," for us. Then they all grabbed up the bags they had decorated that held all of their valentines from their friends.

Afterwards we went home, and Hubby had brought me home flowers.

On Saturday morning, we woke up, had breakfast, and headed to Little Man's swim class. He did great, swimming about 10 feet on his own in the deep end of the pool with no flotation aids. It was amazing to watch, and I felt myself tear up watching him. After that we headed to Discovery Place where we took advantage of a deal for free admission.

Right away, Little Man loved the interactive exhibits. He ran right to the water play area where there are hoses to squirt and a water table to splash in...

But seeing Dory and Nemo really made him happy!

We also saw sharks, turtles...

and touched a starfish in the tide pool exhibit.

Discovery Place has some exhibits that change, and right now they have a Circus exhibit. You can walk the tightrope...

or bungee bounce...

...or squeeze yourself into a box (like Little Man, although he didn't have to try too hard to fit).

Little Man was so sweet trying to touch the moving silhouette, I watched him for a couple of minutes try to touch the "man" it was the sweetest thing...

...though this shot here is pretty cute too! He looks so little!

Then we were off to see some animatronic dinosaurs, Little Man loved watching them move!

After Discovery Place we headed to Red Lobster and had lunch. Then we went home (stuffed) and napped for an hour (Little Man longer) and after eating something light, we headed to the $2 movie theater and saw Bolt, which Little Man loved (the popcorn treat made the movie treat even better for him!)

Later that evening, after Little Man was tucked in for the night, Hubby and I watched Nights in Rodanthe.

After watching the movie I know we have to get to the Outer Banks, the scenery in the movie is gorgeous! It may have been the best part of the movie! And while we watched, I finished my Clapotis (which you've already seen).

Anyway, the rest of the weekend passed pretty uneventful. I did manage to get in a swim to practice for the triathlon, and we headed to Aldi for the first time, which was great since we found the produce prices especially were much cheaper than in the "regular" grocery stores.

Through it all, Valentine's Day was what it has always been, what it will always be to me, my Pop's birthday. I wasn't able to call him, which was hard for me, because last year I missed talking to him on his actual birthday and I feel really bad about that. And there was no "Casino Night" or history books carefully picked out at Barnes and Noble and sent. But one thing was the same, we were all wishing him a happy birthday.

Next post you'll get to see me turning red and sweating like crazy when I post about the triathlon!


Sinéad said...

What a busy Valentine's weekend you had. It certainly sounds like Little Man had fun too. I love your Clapotis you posted earlier on; I'm just about to cast on for mine and it's great seeing someone elses finished!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the picture from Casino Night brought back really good memories of one very special birthday for Pop. Remember his poker face? Wow. he was good at playing poker! Your Valentines' weekend sure sounds good. Thanks for sharing. always, Mom

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was a great day for you and the fam..Those flowers are gorgeous! As always, love seeing Little Man with that heart lifting smile..I really needed that..I love you guys.