Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trying to fit everything in...

Since I've been back to work I haven't had much crafty news to share. I've only knit about 2 rows a night on the February Lady Sweater, so there really isn't much to share of that. I'm looking forward to getting in some knitting time this weekend on our beach trip. Whether it's in the car during the drive or there in the evening, I've been looking forward to making some progress on the project. Of course, who know if I really will make any progress...I went to a knitting meet-up of the Charlotte Purls this past weekend, after months of not being able to, and hardly knit at all there. One Purl is moving to Seattle and was doing a HUGE destash. I brought home A LOT of yarn. I won't say how much, but it was a lot. And a lot of us left with obscene amounts of yarn! Anyway, between digging through yarn and catching up, the knitting just really didn't happen.

But I didn't want you to think I wasn't thinking about you, so I'm posting some cute Little Man photos...with a little bonus that some of them are crafty! Hopefully this post will hold you over until I am (hopefully) a little less busy next week.

While I was in PA with my Mom after her surgery, Hubby and Little Man went down with Hubby's brother to the beach spot for a fishing trip. It was Little Man's first fishing trip and he caught a fish! They used shrimp as bait and fished off of a pier and even saw sharks swimming below...YIKES! Hubby's brother cleaned the fish later, and Little Man wasn't even grossed fact the next day he wanted to go fishing again (and is also looking forward to using his Spider-Man fishing pole this trip too).

He also roasted marshmellows for the first time!

At Little Man's school the kids had help making Mother's Day cards. Since I wasn't at home, Hubby took these photos with Little Man showing off his craftiness!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Sinéad said...

Those are some great pictures there. I can still remember the first fish I ever caught. Great memories!
Hopefully you'll have a great weekend at the beach and get some knitting done on your sweater!

Anonymous said...

Its always good to hear what y'all are up to. I miss all of you and enjoyed seeing Little Mans pictures. Hope your weekend is great! Love,as always, Mom