Friday, August 7, 2009

Rounding out our vacation week...

We finished up our week at the beach with more time at the beach and pool. We also drove around the golf cart...and saw this oceanfront house with an elevator...sooooo posh ;)And then, on our last night with Doozer, we went to Legends in Concert, a live tribute show. The impersonators do the actual singing and have all the moves of the originals. We saw Tim McGraw, Donna Summer, The Blues Brothers, Garth Brooks, Roy Orbison and.... ELVIS!!!

Little Man liked "the round one" best :)

My sister went running up to the stage with some of the little kids, and ELVIS kissed her and gave her a sash. And I tell you, the way the impersonator danced, WOW...I know now that had I been to see the actual Elvis and he danced around like that...I either would have swooned or thrown an undergarment at him...seriously, those hips, WOW! My sister was like a mini-celebrity after that and fell back into her seat saying she was never washing that part of her face, needless to say, she had a good time!

The next day Little Man went fishing for a little bit, and then we started packing up.

Doozer and Little Man outside of the beach spot.

After souvenir shopping and lunch we dropped Doozer off at the train and headed to Hotel Blue to meet up with Hubby's brother who was vacationing with his wife and little boy (that's him in the above photo with the umbrella on his head). We checked in for one night, played at the pool and ate out at The Giant Crab that night. The next morning we checked out and headed home after a great breakfast and visit.

Before you know it we'll be headed back to the beach with my brother and nephew who are coming for a visit, and we can hardly wait, we're all so excited! But, we'll be plenty busy here until then, I've got plenty of legal work lined up, including my first two criminal cases of my own, Hubby has traveling to do for work, and I start a new contract project the same day he leaves.
But, I'm still plugging away at the Botanica Medallion Cardigan, and the Central Park Clutch, and we've been doing a lot of reading around here, since the Summer Reading Program just ended. Next post I'll share my prize from the library with you, and show you project progress!


BeyondStiches said...

What fun! It seems like you all had a great time, especially little man :)

Anonymous said...

Next summer I hope to join in on all the fun. Great pictures as always. Love, Mom

Connie said...

You all always have such a blast at your beach spot. That was the best investment! When I was down there, one of the ladies that has a house on that lake also has an elevator in her home...too cool! Oh and congrats Miss Lawyer Lady!

Anonymous said...

yes Elvis was quite was the whole trip..


Sinéad said...

What a great time you had. Family holidays are the best! That hotel pool looked great too!
Congrats on getting some work, and good luck with your first criminal case!