Monday, March 28, 2011

Everyone Here Loves to Craft!

Just because I'm the Craft Chick of the house doesn't mean that the fellas don't craft too.  You just never know what we'll decide to make around here.  Sometimes it seems as if maybe the sky isn't even the limit.  Look at these two projects they made recently. 

While at Target, we saw in the $1 section a bag of balloon animal balloons with a pump.  The set caught Little Man's eye, we bought it, brought it home, and Hubby went online and found videos that showed him how to make these balloon animals.  They didn't go as quickly or as smoothly as what you'd see a clown do, but Little Man was tickled pink.  And he loved his "super mouse."  (Notice the cape that Little Man made)
Balloon animal 2

Another project the guys took on was a birdhouse for the backyard.  Little Man wants to see some happy birds eating birdseed, so we picked up a wooden unfinished birdhouse from Michael's, picked out acrylic paint to make the birdhouse match Little Man's playground, and they sat and painted the birdhouse, and then went and picked out some birdseed.



I love being part of a crafty family!


Anonymous said...

Its good to see them bonding like that over projects of their own!
Love, Mom

Sinéad said...

I LOVE the dollar section in Target! Every time we go over, we always hit Target. Alice gets loads of Hello Kitty bits there. I must say, they did very well at their balloon making! And the tree house is adorable. We put one up this year, too, but so far no birds have moved in. Maybe because it's not as brightly painted as yours!