Friday, August 12, 2011

Geisha Photo Shoot

I just have to share with you some of the photos from an amazing experience I had recently.  My knitting friend Crimson Purl invited me and some other friends to a geisha photo shoot!  We supplied the outfit, props and hair...and the photographer's studio had a makeup artist that did our faces while we sipped champagne and wine and tried to let out our inner geisha.  I had a bit of a rough time (I went first and didn't have much wine before I posed).  It took 3 days for the photos to be on a CD and delivered with two edited photos of the two best shots.  Aren't they gorgeous?!?!  Thanks Elite Visual Creations!

I love the photos so much, and I had so much fun!  I had to thank Crimson Purl appropriately, and since Conicuts had sent me a link to a too cute digital geisha set to be used with my Cricut, it was a perfect opportunity.  (The photo was still wet when I took this photo) I made a little geisha wearing the same colors Crimson Purl had worn, and she LOVED the card!


Anonymous said...

the photos are awesome...and the card you made is adorable!
Love,as always, Mom

Sinéad said...

Those photos are great! I bet you had fun at the shoot. What a great idea for a girls day out. The geisha card you made is beyond cute, so adorable!

Connie said...

This is so neat! You and the other girl that went with full makeup look awesome!

Virtuous said...

LUUUUV'd the card!! & had a great experience :)